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As Freddie Mercury

Eddie has been involved with music from a young age, firstly as an accomplished guitarist and then as a lead vocalist, songwriter and soloist. He has used his versatility and an exceptional talent to recreate vocal styles to recreate an interpretation of Freddie's vocal style. Through careful study of video footage Eddie has also recreated the look, and stage presence of Freddie. While there will only ever be one Freddie, Eddie never fails to provide a convincing, musically excellent and entertaining performance.


As Brian May

Les has been playing Electric Guitars for over 30 years in various cover and original material bands. He has used his skills and experience to study and recreate an interpretation of Brian's unique style. He plays note for note recreations of Brian's famous solos on his replica Red Special which was actually made by Brian's own company. Using a Brian May Signature Treble Booster and a sixpence piece, he manages to get close to the unique power and sound of the great man. 

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